Laptop Repair / Software Request Form
PLEASE READ: Before turning in your laptop for repair you must save all data on an external device (U: Drive, Google Drive, OneDrive or external device). All files that are not backed up, will not be recoverable following this maintenance. Please double check that all campus data and incidental personal files (pictures, videos, etc.) have been backed up. Often times we need to restore operating systems resulting in lost data. Laptop Central will not be responsible for any lost data.

Some issues can be resolved remotely without bringing the laptop in. After filling in this form contact us at 407-320-5772 for remote assistance but only after first filling out this form.

Office hours are 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM. Room 10-101D the hall to the left when you walk through the front door. If no one is at the window please see Mrs. Benton in the cyber center.

TEACHERS: This form is for student use only. Please use the KACE Technology Work Orders system on your teacher's computer desktop or in Clever. Or visit this URL
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Please give a detailed description of your request/problem. What is the computer doing? What programs are running when it happens? What type error message are you receiving?
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