Carver Academy Application 2021-22
Applications for Carver Academy are being accepted through July 1, 2021. You will be notified of a decision within two weeks of your application submission. A parent or guardian must give their consent for you to be transferred from your home school to Carver. Counselors will place you in the correct core courses. You must choose your elective choices with this application.
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Success 1
Success 2
Intro to culinary Arts
Nutrition and Wellness
Principles of Business & Marketing
Sports Marketing
Fashion Marketing
Digital & Social Media Marketing
Business Management
Art 1
Art 2
Crafts & 3D Design
Crafts & 3D Design 2
Digital Media / Graphic Design
Construction Technology
Carpentry 1
Carpentry 2
Advanced PE 1
Advanced PE 2
Yoga / Pilates
Advanced Chorus
Instrumental Ensemble
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