Spring 2019 - FirePony Creative Society: Community Art and Civic Engagement Grant Program
Please complete the following and submit your application no later than 11:59pm on Thursday, June 20, 2019.

All questions marked with an asterisks are required.

We suggest you collect all supporting documents ahead of time in either a Dropbox or Google Drive folder, and share the link in the application below (last question). If you run into problems, contact us at caceprogram (at) firepony dot org.

Supporting documents include:
- Budget Spreadsheet (required)
- Photos / Work Sample (.jpgs and PDF documents, or website link)
- Applicant's Résumé or link to online portfolio or LinkedIn profile
- Copy of IRS Determination Letter (nonprofits only)
- Letters of Support (optional)
- W9 Form- Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certificate (can be collected after grant offered - will be required to receive funds)
- Site Owner Contact Information
- Letter(s) of agreement from owner(s) of the project site(s), stating their support of this project
- Written Verification of all Necessary Permits

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