Movie Research Study
A design team located in San Francisco is looking for participants for a paid research study. The study will help inform the design of a client's web site.

The study is divided into two separate parts and you may apply to one or both of them:

Part A : November 25th or 26th
A 40 minute phone interview where we discuss your movie watching habits. Compensation is a $50 Amazon e-gift card.

Part B : November 28th or 29th
A 60 minute online session where we get your feedback on design prototypes. Compensation is a $75 Amazon e-gift card.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below. At the end, you will be asked which study part(s) you wish to participate in. If you match our recruiting criteria, you will be contacted by phone.

Thank you!

How often do you watch TV/movies? *
Are you currently subscribed to any of the following TV/movie streaming services? *
What devices do you use to watch TV shows and movies? *
How many TV/movie service subscriptions are you currently paying for? *
How do you feel about the following statements? *
I agree
I disagree
I ONLY stream TV/movies to pass the time.
I ONLY search for short funny videos on YouTube (e.g. dancing cats, black friday videos)
I created / will create a watchlist or movie queue
I watch things that are relevant to current issues (e.g. politics, weather, social issues) at least once per month
I create tutorial videos (e.g. "How to...", "Quadratic equations explained") and post them online.
I create review videos about things I'm passionate about (eg. "short video review of the new Star Trek movie")
I care about how movies are made (e.g. the special effects, storylines) and I write reviews and share them online.
I sometimes find myself reading about movies and current cultural issues on web sites like Medium, Quora and news websites.
I sometimes find myself discussing movies and current cultural issues with friends and/or online.
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