Giveaway 10 RELX ( 50$) Per User (Limited Time)
šŸ“£ Giveaway for those people who are completed p2pb2b KYC by Reed Elsevier

šŸŽ‰ If you complete KYC you will get 10 RELX ( 50$)
šŸŽ‰ Per Refer 5 RELX (25$)

What you will have to do :

1) Registration Here With Must Use This Link -

2) Click Here For KYC Verification -

3) You will need to provide:
the photos of your document (front and back sides)
selfie with BOTH your document and a note with "P2PB2B and current date (xx.xx.2021)" written on it

4) Your request will be checked by P2PB2B Support Team within 48 hours max

5) Distribute Start 28.02.2021

If you have any question Join our Telegram Group -

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