HAA Top Haunts Survey
The Top Haunted Attractions is a ranking that is made available to the members of HAA. The survey will be used to determine if your haunted attraction meets the criteria to be considered a "Top Haunted Attraction."
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1. Is the attraction a commercial (for profit or non-profit) Haunted Attraction? *
2. Is the attraction a member of the Haunted Attraction Association? *
3. Has the attraction completed 10 years in business as a Haunted Attraction? *
4. Does the attraction have an attendance of 10,000 visitors or more annually? *
5. Is the attraction fully insured and carry a minimum of $1 million general liability insurance policy and have Workers Compensation insurance for all employees? *
6. Has someone of the attraction staff finished the HAA CHAOS Safety Program or comparable State safety program like in Pennsylvania? *
7. Is the attraction registered and inspected by the State and/or Local municipality and does it meet or exceed all necessary life safety policies required by the authority having jurisdiction? *
8. Does the attraction have an Employee Handbook, documented Daily Safety Inspection and Emergency Program showing a constant commitment to putting the safety of the visitors and employees above profit? *
9. Do you have a mutual respect for all fellow members of the HAA and the Haunted Attraction Industry? *
10. Do you plan to continually invest and improve your attraction to help ensure the future of your event and our industry? *
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