Comter Fabrications Quote Request Form
We'll be accepting ten (10) queue slot positions for this current open period for mailed delivery. If you'd like to choose more than one print size please submit multiple quote requests and your quotes will be bundled together (and would be considered one slot).

Some models are assembled as separate parts and some models are sourced from CT scans. If you'd like to know the attribution of the specific model that you're wanting, feel free to ask. All of our models are DIY/unfinished which means that they have been assembled and cleaned of 3d printing support material but have not been sanded (or in some cases only lightly sanded) or painted. You can request that parts are completely unassembled if the original model comes in parts, in which case you will receive the parts and it will be on you to sand/assemble/glue how you see fit (however, discounts will not be given for unassembled models).

All payments are processed through PayPal invoice (or in person through cash/card swipe at any convention we're attending).

If you'd like to ask about custom 3D printing, please message us on FurAffinity ( or email We can print in ABS, PLA and clear resins to name a few materials.
Size *
What size would you like? We offer keychain, palm-sized and life-size/large.
Material / Color *
What color (and in some cases material) would you like your print made from? Almost all of our prints at the convention will be in Bone/Natural (ABS) so this quote form is the only way to get a different color. If you like a specific color or material, list it in the "Other" blank.
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