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What is the Uplift Climate Action Council (UCAC)?

Although there are many campaigns related to climate justice on the Colorado Plateau, UCAC seeks to provide a space for young activists to connect their local struggles to a coordinated regional movement. Since the spring of 2015, Uplift has hosted the annual Uplift Climate Conference. Through this event, young people have built strong relationships and gained knowledge and skills to build a movement for climate justice. UCAC will build on this momentum by coordinating region-wide climate action and narrative-building throughout the year.

Who can be a Council Member?

We invite young people who are actively working on climate justice issues in communities across the Southwest to take part in UCAC. We are looking for folks around the age 18-30.

Our Structure and Vision:

UCAC seeks to adopt a spokes council model. We plan to facilitate quarterly calls during which representatives from frontline communities and climate justice organizations will speak on behalf of their community or group and take back what they learn to their community. We seek to develop working groups so council members can coordinate around specific issues, such as keeping fossil fuels in the ground and water protection. We will hold an in-person gathering at least once a year to envision and strategize the regional climate justice movement. We will also hope to host and support monthly trainings to build skills region-wide.

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