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This is a form for all GTHLA members to use for suggestions, compliments and complaints. The more information members can provide the better our social enterprise can operate. Thanks for taking the time to fill this out.
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Game Feedback
If you're providing information on a specific game, please fill in this section.
What was the date, time and location of the game you are providing information on?
Do you have feedback on a player or players in this game? If so, please provide the information here. This is where you can provide information about players who personify the values and principles of the community or if they exemplify contrary values to the community.
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Do you have feedback on an official or officials in this game? If so, please provide the information here.
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If you are reporting a conflict with another member or official, please remember that the first course of action is to address it directly. Please report here what was discussed directly with the member or official.
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General Feedback
Please provide general feedback here on how you can improve the operations and promote our values and principles better.
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