"Killergames" turn us into School shooters?!
Survey for the "Komplexe Leistung" from Daniel Kuntnawitz (DerSohnGottes) as own Contribution.
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1. Do you think Computer Games have an impact to our psyche? *
2. Which kind of Games could lead to something like that in your opinion? *
3. What could help to prevent it? *
If you have choosen "None of these" at Question 3 - what would prevent it in your opinion?
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4. After a Rampage in Munich, Germany - 9 People died - the Shooter played "Counter:Strike" :
Even Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) complained "the unbearable extent of violence glorifying games on the Internet." This has "also a harmful effect on the development of young people". That could not deny a reasonable person. "And that is something that should be discussed in our society more than before." (Source: Zeitungsverlag tz München GmbH & Co. KG - https://www.tz.de/muenchen/amoklauf-muenchen-taeter-wissen-zr-6603243.html)
4. Do you agree with the statement? *
5. Your own thoughts about this subject (please either with your (Full) Name or Gamertag) (Could be used as example/ ENG&GER)
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I agree that Daniel Kuntnawitz can use all results of this survey for his homework in diagrams, examples (5.) or else. *
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