BFM welcomes applications for membership from any business established in the United Kingdom which manufacture furniture products.
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The contact details including email addresses are not passed on to any third party, unless that individual is asked specifically for their permission in a separate communication which also identifies the reason for the request. If personal emails are provided as contact details or the Associate member is a partnership or sole trader, BFM will contact by email each individual separately to invite them to opt into receiving electronic communications from BFM.

In other cases, BFM will assume that the email addresses provided below are given so that electronic communications may be sent from BFM to that individual as part of BFM's membership services. Individual's may unsubscribe to news bulletins or other such communications, although this does not prevent the BFM from communicating with an individual(s) within the Company in relation to the performance of the contract between the parties, such as the annual subscription, the AGM or changes to articles/memorandum of association.

If there is no contact in a particular area please leave blank.
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Any member company wishing to withdraw from membership must give written notice at least three months prior to the commencement of the financial year, which begins on 1st January, otherwise the subscription for the full year and all outstanding liabilities will be payable to the BFM.

I am authorised to give an undertaking that the Company who is the subject of this application agree to be bound by the above condition.

I also agree that should a consumer or other client make a complaint through BFM about a product or service, BFM’s referral will be acknowledged and BFM will be notified that the complaint is/will be dealt with under the Company’s complaints procedure. BFM is not making any judgements in such cases.

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