IppStar - Quick survey on the effect of lockdown on the Industry in India
IppStar (IPP Services Training and Research Pvt. Ltd) is the leading market research company that provides research, training and consultancy to the printing, packaging and publishing industry in India. From time -to- time, we do small web-based surveys supported by our research executive to understand the current scenarios and upcoming industry trends. Currently we are doing an electronic and phone call survey to know the effect of the Covid-19 lockdown in India on the printing and packaging industry and the perception of the industry’s emergence from this disruption. With your cooperation we plan to make the results public by 10 May 2020.
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3. Are you working during this lockdown? *
4. How is your experience regarding working from home? *
5. How much do you expect your turnover to be less in  FY2020-2021 than in FY 2019-20? *
6. When will this lockdown lift? *
7. According to you, what will be the effect of lockdown on your sector/industry? *
8. What will be biggest challenges in economic and industry recovery? (Multiple Choice Question) *
9. What kind of challenges are you facing during lockdown? (Multiple choice question) *
10. Are you satisfied with the Government initiatives taken for smoother functioning of business and operations? *
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