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This tour is the OFFICIAL Cover Reveal Tour for Unspoken by Celia McMahon, The Parliament House is hosting this cover reveal on May 24, 2019. Tour Assets including a digital image of the cover for your use, and graphics will be sent along with welcome email. *Everyone who signs up for the cover reveal will get to participate.

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Author: Celia McMahon
Publisher: The Parliament House
Genres: YA, Fantasy
Releasing: Fall 2019

The Voiceless have been stripped of their land, poisoned, and forced into war with kings for decades. It is said that they made a pact with demons of the seven hells and can change into giant, ferocious wolves.

And seventeen-year-old Princess Isabelle is in love with one.

She's gone against all the rules and now finds herself encased in a world filled with danger. She discovers that, despite going against everything her parents wished for her, her destiny doesn't lie on a throne beside a foreign prince, but with a servant boy named Fray who harbors a chilling secret. 

Her feelings for Fray transcends every lie she's been told about the Old Kingdom beyond the Archway. But there's a war going on and Izzy must choose a side . . . human or wolf…or doom herself forever.


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