Conversion Strategist + Account Manager
Growth Rock, a conversion optimization agency, is hiring a part-time conversion strategist and account manager. This is a part-time, contract position, and is 100% remote.

The role involves managing the conversion optimization process for Growth Rock clients (primarily ecommerce), including:

- user research (heatmaps, screen recordings, live user tests, etc.)
- ideating on test hypotheses
- prioritizing test hypotheses
- discussing with clients
- making sure team executes on test design and development
- interpreting results
- staying on schedule for tests

The ideal person will have some combination of:

- UI/UX design experience (ideally designing ecommerce interfaces)
- User research experience (user tests, etc.)
- AB testing experience

Naturally, from this role, you'll learn how to design ecommerce (and possibly other) websites with lots of data to back up your learnings. You'll see what changes work, which don't matter, you'll see best practices, exceptions to the rules, and more. You'll become a conversion optimization expert.

**Note: First read the exercise question at the end. This is important and will be a key question in evaluating good candidates. We suggest you read it over, think through your response carefully and only then fill in the rest of the application.**

Your Name
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Your Email
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Where are you based?
(City, State, Time Zone)
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Your LinkedIn
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Why do you think you'd be awesome at this role?
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UI/UX Design: Your Behance, Dribble, or other profile
If you have UI/UX design experience. Please include links to portfolio examples and an explanation of your experience on this front, in particular for ecommerce sites.
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Analytics: How comfortable are you with Google Analytics?
Conversion Optimization takes various skills. Like we've said, you don't have to have all of them. One is analytics. If we asked during an interview to show us how mobile vs. desktop conversion rates differed this month vs. last, could you do it?
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User Research: Have you done any of these before?
Heatmaps, live user tests, session recordings, or other web user research? If so tell us about it!
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What drew you to this role?
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What are you near term professional plans? (e.g. next 3 - 6 months)
For example, are you a professional freelancer and this would be an additional client? Are you actively trying to find a full time role? Are you working on your own business on the side?
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How available are you on normal workdays?
This is a part-time role, but managing clients and the test development team will require someone that can generally be responsive a few times a day during weekdays to respond to questions/requests from clients and our team.
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Are you comfortable being on client calls?
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Exercise: How would you go about optimizing this product listing page?
Finally, here's an exercise to help gauge ability. Take your time on this, we'll read every answer in detail. is of course one of the biggest ecommerce sites in the world and has (presumably) an extensive in-house conversion optimization and ab testing team. (In case you are wondering, no, they are not a client.) But no page is "done" being optimized. Let's say we are tasked with optimizing this TV listing page ( Walk us through how you would go about doing this. What would you start with? How would you get ideas? What test ideas can you come up with without doing any user research? What would you test first? Obviously there is no "right" answer and we won't get to test your response (sadly, we don't own This is to see your thinking and process.
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