McCombs Board Fellows Partner Organization Application
All applications must be received on or before August 22, 2017.

Partners must be based in Austin, have 501(c)(3) status, and have Board meetings on at least a quarterly basis. Preference will be given to organizations with at least 6 board members, over $350,000 in operating budget, and at least three full-time employees.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your application or eligibility, please contact Amy Leff ( or Laura Richards (

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Do you currently have 501(c)(3) status?
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Does McCombs Board Fellows program have the approval and support of your board?
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Please list any notable changes to your organization in the last 12 months (such as leadership transition, board turnover, merger, funding changes, expansion, etc):
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Please provide the standing date, time, and location of your board meetings.
(For example, 3rd Wednesday of every other month starting January. 5:30-7:30pm. XXXX Street Address.)
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McCombs Board Fellows Program
How many Board Fellows would your organization like to place in 2018?
(We recommend two students per organization. Note that a pair of Fellows typically requires only one mentor and one project.)
Have you identified a current mentor on your board should your organization be involved with Board Fellows in 2018?
In the space below, please provide a short explanation as to how you envision a Board Fellow assisting your organization in 2018:
(Board Fellows typically assist our partner organizations through either a strategic project during the calendar year or through work on one of the organization's committees. Please provide details regarding the scope and responsibilities of the project, as much as possible.)
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Are there any specific skills/capabilities you are looking for in a Board Fellow?
If there is anything additional you would like to share about your organization or how you envision partnering with Board Fellows in 2018, please feel free to share that information in the space below.
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