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Changing Your Searches
Often when you perform a search, one search is just not enough. You might get too many results or too few! It's great to know how to add or refine (remove limits/filters) that are available in the database usually after your first search. Note the following changes you can make to your search:

I have too many hits! I want to decrease my hits:
Put keyword phrases of two or more words in quotes (Ex. “population control”) (Ex. "New York Times")
Add another keyword (get even more specific)
Add more limits (Ex. date-range, peer-review, full-text)

I don't have enough hits! I want to increase my hits:
Use OR operator (woman or female) (use or abuse)
Use fewer Keywords
Use fewer limits/filters
Use truncation for forms of words including plurals (Ex. school*) (Ex. therap*)
school*= school, schools, schooling, schooled
therap*=therapy, therapies, therapeutic, therapeutics
Try making your search better using the above techniques. What questions do you have? Were you successful? Why or why not? Be prepared to share your answers. *
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