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We are looking for creative young people, interested in music who have something to say about musical opportunities in Lancashire.

Amplify is Lancashire Music Education Hub's Youth Voice programme which ensures young people can influence change at strategic level in our organisation. Amplify is delivered in partnership with Blaze Arts.

The Amplify team have been investigating musical opportunities in Lancashire and their recent survey of over 400 young people has revealed some interesting results about students' experiences.

From analysing these results, Amplify identified four issues to take forward. Each of the four chosen Content Creators will explore one of these issues.

To submit a video to apply instead please fill out the contact details questions below and then email your video of you answering the last four detailed questions to - This can be done on a phone or computer with webcam.
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Why do you think musical opportunities are important for young people in Lancashire?
Which of the four areas are you interested in? Please write your 1st and 2nd choice in box below 1. The “Averageness” of Music Education / 2. What There Is And What There Should Be / 3. IRL vs URL – In Real Life vs Online / 4. Career Paths
Tell us about your idea for the content you would produce and which format you would use and why…
Please tell us about anything like this you have done before or any other content you have produced, you can share links to previous work here.
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