PEAK Inquiry Idea Brief
Do you have a problem or issue that college students and faculty could help with through research or academic expertise? Submit an Idea Brief to tell us about your project idea, and we’ll work to connect you with students and faculty to could do it!

The mission of PEAK Inquiry is to bring the knowledge of the our campus to bear on public, real-world issues. Through this platform, community organizations and city departments can submit knowledge and research-based project ideas to share with CC students, faculty, volunteer teams, and or courses.

Why PEAK Inquiry? PEAK stands for “Publicly Engaged, Actionable Knowledge” and is a symbol of the community of Colorado Springs. Our goal is to connect campus change-makers to community INQUIRIES - your questions, your challenges, and your problems!

Contact the Director of the Collaborative for Community Engagement (CCE), Dr. Jordan Travis Radke, at with questions.
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