Username Change Request
If you have been on 7 Cups for less than two weeks, you are able to change your username via your Settings page.
To find your Settings page select the following: Me --> My Settings

Username changes are ONLY approved past this two week deadline for the following reasons:
1. Stalking, harassing, or bullying issue
2. Username allows users to find you offsite
3. Gender transition

Unacceptable username change reasons:
1. Changed mind about username choice
2. Accidentally mistyped something
3. You may only change your name up to 2 times per year
**We may deny your request without reason or follow-up contact based on our discretion.

Note: We are very strict with determining one's eligibility for a username change because it creates great confusion between our users. In addition, it has to be manually changed and we have limited people to help with this project.

If you still wish to proceed, please press Next below.

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