Take a Walk Around Historic Ventura County
We are into our second month of California's stay at home orders. You may be passing the time by taking walks through your neighborhood, and you may be getting tired of the same scenery. So, let's take a walk through historic Ventura County and explore our past. How many places around the county do you recognize?
Please stick around to complete this quiz and enter for a chance to win a fabulous prize!
Where is this street corner? Hint: Gibson & Deters Garage in background *
What city is this? Hint: look for a prominent tall building *
What city is this beautiful garden in? Hint: there is an iconic building in the background! *
This view is from the mountains of what city? Hint: those are oak groves, but it may not be the city you first think of *
What is the name of this park? Hint: an almost 10 mile long trail runs through it, as does the Ventura River *
What pier is this? Hint: it was not rebuilt after a storm destroyed it in 1928 *
This aerial view taken in 1964 is of what city? Hint: the city was incorporated in the same year and lies in the east part of the county *
Which city looked like this in 1875? Hint: at least one building in this photo still stands today *
What city are these Spanish Revival buildings in? Hint: this is a hospital turned college campus *
Santa Paula, Fillmore, and Moorpark are among the places best known in California for this fruit crop seen in the image below; what fruit is it? Hint: it is being pitted and dried *
We hope you enjoyed the trip! Enter your name, email and phone number. You will be entered into a weekly drawing for a $50 gift certificate to a Ventura County establishment of your choice. Want to know if your answers are right? After you click "Submit", click on "View accuracy" to see how you did. *
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