LEXIT Ambassador Program
LEXIT Ambassador Program

LEXIT is running a LEXIT Ambassador Program.

This is a 7 Day Program starting on Thursday, September 2nd @ 8pm CET until Thursday, September 9th @ 8pm CET where community members are expected to change their DP (Display Picture) to the image of our Telegram DP and add LEXIT to their name.
- Example: Brian || Lexit -

2 lucky winners/supporters will be RANDOMLY selected and have the opportunity to win/receive 200 $LEXI Coins as a prize. The draw will be RANDOM & contenders MUST KEEP the name & DP until the day of the draw (September 9th @ 8pm CET) where they will be looked at on the LAST DAY of the contest to be considered qualified to win the prize.

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Did you add "LEXIT" to your Telegram Name? *
Example: Brian || Lexit
Previous Telegram Name *
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Did you change your Telegram Photo to LEXIT's Logo? *
if not, please do to be considered to win
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