Ealdormere Award Recommendation Form

This form will forward your award recommendation to the Crown and the Heirs to consider for recognition.  If you would like to send a simple letter or have your recommendation viewed by the Crown only, please email directly to ealdormere.crown@gmail.com.

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SCA Name of Recipient *
Recipients Society Name. Please do not use Titles.
Preferred  pronouns of Recipient
Award *

The Award you are recommending. See http://www.ealdormere.ca/Awards for a description of the awards.  If you aren’t sure, just pick ‘NOT SURE/OTHER’ in the drop down.

Where Does This Person Play In Ealdormere? 
Reason for Award Recommendation *

Please explain why you think they should get this award. Why are they awesome?  This can be written very simply or very elaborate, depending on your preference.

Your SCA Name
Please give your SCA name, without titles as they interfere with sorting.
Your Contact Information *

Please include your email address and/or phone number in case Their Royal Majesties have any questions.

Is there any other information that the Royalty needs to know about this person?

- What’s their persona/period so we can make a custom scroll for them?

-  What upcoming events are they planning to attend?

- Would they rather be recognized in private rather than in court?

- Is there a friend, spouse, or family member that should be told in advance if the award is being given?

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