Church Street - Congregational Conversations
During the weekend of Friday, November 22 to Sunday, November 24, Dr. Craig Gilliam and Rev. Stephanie Hixon joined us at Church Street to facilitate listening and learning circles with members of our congregation. All have been invited and encouraged to attend one of these 1.5-hour time periods during the weekend to share your feedback about Church Street with our facilitators. At a later time, Craig and Stephanie will join us again to share feedback from this time of listening and learning and assist with a process of mapping a path forward. Please note the intended outcomes for this overall work are:

- to provide a welcoming and facilitated space for our laity to have restorative and honest conversations,
- to gather information and address our strengths and challenges with data, not assumptions, and
- to receive valuable feedback as a church family, as we assess where Church Street is today and discern where God is calling this church to be in the future.

The purpose of this feedback form is to provide an opportunity for sharing your thoughts about Church Street UMC as we discern together the future God is calling us to create.

Your feedback is confidential and goes only to the facilitators (Craig and Stephanie), but we ask for your name and telephone number or email in the case the facilitators need to follow-up with you on something you say. Thanks!
Please provide your name and contact information (telephone/email) in the event the facilitators need to follow up with you on something you say. *
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How long have you been a member of Church Street UMC? What first brought you to Church Street? What keeps you coming back? *
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What do you see as one or two of the greatest strengths for the congregation? One or two things you celebrate about the church? *
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What do you see to be one or two of the congregation’s greatest challenges? *
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What is your greatest hope for the church in this listening and learning process? *
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As you think about the community of Church Street UMC, is there something about your own perspective, experience or belief that you wish those that don’t know you as well might be able to hear?
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Is there anything you have not told us that would be helpful for us (your facilitators) to know?
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Did you engage in the congregational conversations during the weekend of November 22nd, 23rd and 24th? (Check one) *
Thank you. Grace, Peace and Blessings!
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