Be a Pilot Partner
MuralNet works with Native nations to design, build, and implement sustainable sovereign networks. We test hardware, software, network configurations, and business models that are then shared with the general public. To do these tests, we partner with Tribal communities to run trials and build pilot networks. Once the trial is done (usually a few weeks), the Tribal partner can choose to keep all or part of the network build and MuralNet will support the network for at least a year while training people chosen by the Tribe to operate and maintain the network.

If you are interested in being a pilot partner, please fill out the form below.
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Name of Tribal community/communities or Tribal entity/entities
Tribal government leader point of contact name
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Tribal government leader point of contact phone email
Project point of contact name
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Proposed trial location
Have you tried to deploy a high-speed Internet network in the past? If so, what were the challenges or conflicts that arose?
MuralNet likes challenges.
Does the Tribal government support building a high-speed Internet network?
What if any public comments have you made regarding connectivity challenges?
Has the Tribal government or Tribal entity interacted directly with the FCC yet? If so, how?
If the trial will provide Internet access to users, who will be connected and how will the network be used?
Is there any risk that the new wireless networks will interfere or otherwise be incompatible with neighbors' operations?
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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