Master Your Money
Class Registration - Winter 2020
for HS students and Adults

Saturdays, 10am - 11.30am, Feb 1 - Apr 18

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Tentative Syllabus
The following is a tentative syllabus over the 10 weeks, and is subject to change. This class is intended to be interactive so topics may change.

- Needs vs Wants
- Savings vs Expenses
- Emergency Savings
- Investments
- Why a budget?
- Ways to track a budget
- Adjusting your budget
- Goals
Understanding Your Credit Report
- Credit report and credit score
- Access
- Understanding your credit report
Credit / Debit Cards
- Credit vs debit cards
- Secured cards
- Reward Cards
- Life Insurance - Term vs Universal vs Whole Life
- Auto / Home Insurance
- Renter’s insurance
- Earthquake insurance
Banks vs Credit Unions
- Make money work for you
- Online banking
- Payroll
- Property taxes
- Income taxes
- Retirement Planning
401K, pensions
- IRAs
- Time value of compounding
Ways to save to meet your goals
- Analyzing costs
- Living below your means
- Loans
- What is APR, APY?
Open session - determined by class
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