Evaluation process and criteria 

Criteria  insigths:
  • Ability to add value (value creation, value proposition). 
  • Potential impact of the startup (impact on stakeholders or the value chain and level of disruption)
  • Scalability of the startup (level of market uptake and market potential, in the home market and beyond)
  • Traction to date (capital raised, number of customers, sales)
  • Sustainability impact (climate and social impact) 
  • Team (Assessment of the experience, expertise and potential of the startup teams)
Evaluation score
 The minimum score is 1 star, the maximum score is 5 stars: 

       *  Not a good fü, out of scope, not feasible, etc. 
     **  Performs well on 2 of the criteria 
    *** Performs well on 3 of the criteria 
  **** Performs well on 4 of the criteria 
***** High performer, recommended for inclusion on the shortlist.
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