MPHA - Emerging Public Health Professional Scholarship
The Michigan Public Health Association is pleased to announce the availability of 2 scholarships to attend the 2019 Michigan Premier Public Health Conference for qualified graduate students in public health or early career professionals.

Number of Awards: 2

Each Award Amount: $250.00

Award Background: This scholarship was established in loving memory of Skender Disha, father of current MPHA President, Lorena Disha.

Eligibility: Applicants must either be enrolled in a graduate public health program or have graduated from a public health program within the last 3 years.

Guidelines: Scholarship will be used to attend the Michigan Premier Public Health Conference and will cover the full conference fee and one night stay at conference hotel.

Award: The scholarship is intended for professional development and will support emerging public health professionals who want to learn more about public health issues in Michigan, network with other public health professionals, and develop partnerships with future collaborators and employers. Applications will be reviewed and selected by the Michigan Public Health Association Board of Directors. The scholarship recipient will be invited to the MPHA “Dinner with the Board” on October 16, 2019 to receive their scholarship certificate. If the scholarship recipient is not a current MPHA member, they will be given a one-year membership.

Disbursement: Upon verification of enrollment or recent graduation, the Michigan Public Health Association will send the funds directly to the Michigan Association for Local Public Health for registration fee and to the conference hotel for a one-night stay.


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