When Will It Stop?: The Killing of Unarmed African Americans by Law Enforcement
Thursday, February 25: 5:00PM CT / 6:00PM ET

A distinguished panel of experts will discuss urgent issues posed by the continuing incidents of the killing of unarmed African Americans by Law Enforcement. The presenters are internationally known for their leadership in criminal justice studies as well as direct responsibility for a police department. Each speaker will give a 20 minute presentation on urgent issues posed by patterns of violence involving law enforcement and African Americans. The speakers have each been asked to address finding solutions to the violence involving law enforcement and unarmed African Americans.

Moderator: Jesse Dong, Assistant Public Defender, Hennepin County
- Tracey L. Meares, Walter Hale Professor, Yale Law School  
- Kurt L. Schmoke, President of the University of Baltimore, former Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland
- Jeremy Travis, Executive Vice President of Criminal Justice, Arnold Ventures
- Elizabeth Lamin, Assistant County Attorney, Ramsey County
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