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The *ship & Partners Online Challenge 2017 Karhu Voima – Power to The People
Registration opens 4th July 15:00 and is open until 12th July.
Final challenges are announced 11th July 14:00 on the *ship Partner Challenges website:
Deadline for the competition entries is 13th July 14:00.
The winner is announced at the Closing Gala of the *ship The Startup Festival 13th July.

The ship* & Partners Online Challenge 2017 is an international online competition and idea accelerator that aims to discover solutions to challenges defined by the *ship Partner Companies. Competition is arranged fully online. A competition entry may be an idea, concept or a business idea.

The ship* & Partners Online Challenge 2017 promotes social impact and interdisciplinary cooperation and features innovations from different fields. The competition entries are assessed based on how novel, creative, solution-focused, and impactful they are.

Competition entries will be evaluated through the following criteria:

Impact & Solution-focused
Impact can be measured both by the scale or the depth of the change the created solution has or potentially could have. The solution must be feasible, although it can be on an idea level and abstract.

The team’s ability to reframe the problem in new ways, finding new unforeseen contexts and new approaches for solutionizing are categories through which the jury can measure the team’s creativity.

Originality of the solution requires understanding of past and current iterations. This demands benchmarking. Originality can be measured by asking how and why the new solution excels existing solutions.

The jury of each partner challenge is formed of the representatives of the partner company, *ship The Startup Festival. The juries base their decision on the ranking of the competition entries according to the assessment criteria listed above.

The ship* & Partners Online Challenge 2017 is created, implemented and organised by the *ship The Startup Festival and the Challenge Partners: Karhu Voima and Cursor. The contact person for the competition is Challenge Project Manager Aletta Purola (, *ship The Startup festival.

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