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Up to $750 to each of the first 10 finalists of 150 Startups who complete 20 'Problem Discovery Interviews' before midnight - mountain time - Sunday, June 9th
See the details of the Lean Startups Challenges - including how your $750 can be spent at

The purpose of these 'interviews' is to discover if people have the problem you have identified, if so which people and what actions have they taken in the past to try and solve the problem.

SURVEYS VS INTERVIEWS. Survey assume you know the right questions to ask. And because surveys are multiple choice, you also need to know the right possible answers to list on the survey. At this stage, we don’t know what we don’t know so SURVEYS ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN at this stage!

Be sure to read ALL the instructions - INCLUDING THE ONES AFTER YOU SUBMIT DATA

Have 20 ONE ON ONE / SYNCHRONOUS interviews - NOT SURVEYS - where you ask past-oriented questions to people who are NOT FRIENDS OR FAMILY and who potentially have the problem you want to solve.

Listen more than you talk. Do not mention your solution. Do not say the words "would" or "could". Do not ask any future-oriented questions.

Be one of the first 10 to do this 20 times by June 9th and submit the results below.

YOU MUST FILL OUT THIS FORM 20 separate times within before midnight on June 9th. Be one of the first 10 people to do that you receive up to $750 to run your next experiment.

Your first 3 interviews must be for the SAME PROBLEM SAME GROUP. If you wish to change one of those after the first 3 interviews you may.


ONLY those conducted after Tuesday, June 21st, 2018 counts

The Clock Is Ticking!
Enter your results here - good luck! PLEASE THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY !!!
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What. Problem. Are. You. Solving?
Repeat after me, "I am solving <this problem> for <this single group>" *
follow the exact format in quotes but add your own problem and ONE GROUP. Even if your startup solves multiple problems for multiple groups we want each problem exploration to focus on ONE at a time.
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What is the name of person you interviewed? *
Someone you reasonably believed had the problem you are looking to solve before you spoke to them.
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How did you talk to this person *
What was the single most important thing you learned? *
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What was the single most SURPRISING thing you learned? *
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What else did you learn in the interview that is relevant?
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What needs to happen in order for this person to give you money or something of value in exchange for your solution? *
According to you - not according to them.
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What do YOU NEED to do in order to make that happen? *
Be specific, we just might give it to you :)
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Where would you find 10 more of this customer segment in the same place on the same day? *
Think hard, be specific, be creative
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I DID NOT mention my solution during the conversation. *
This interview was conducted with a real person, who is NOT A FRIEND OR A FAMILY MEMBER, who has the problem I'm trying to solve (or I reasonably believed they did before the interview). *
I know that by lying about the people I interview I could jeopardize the program for others.
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