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Raise the Roof - Crocker Farm Summer Reading Challenge 2018
This summer, Crocker Farm Principal Derek Shea, school educators, and the PGO are asking students to read as much as possible. Families reading aloud to children counts, as does reading on your own or reading with a friend. Read whatever you want: graphic novels, comic books, picture books, long books, short books, big books, small books, magazines, articles, made up stories, or real ones. They all count!

You can keep track of your reading on this log or on the paper version that's going home in backpacks, or a combination of both (just don't double count :)). We'll be adding up the number of pages that get read. The goal is to read at least 50,000 pages school-wide over the summer, and get Mr. Shea up to the roof. Can we do it? We think we can!


If you or your parent/guardian have any questions about the summer reading challenge or the reading logs, you can contact one of Crocker Farm's reading teachers, Stephanie Joyce, at

(Information entered in this form will only be used for calculating grade and school wide total reading completed)

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Enter your completed summer reading here. Enter your reading by book/magazine or by day/week. We'll add up the number of pages, and post updates over the summer.
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