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Gispo Ltd. is a finnish company specialized in open source GIS software and we will support and help our customers to utilize GIS software. Through GispoHelp you get help for your GIS challenges.

You can purchase our support service, GispoHelp, for your personal use, for a workgroup or for a organization. One purchase period is 12 months at a time. When the support is nearing its closure, you can lay it off (length of notice two months) or it will automatically start another purchase period of 12 months. We will send you an automatic email when your support is nearing its closure. We can also make an offer for a tailored support package of Gispohelp!

If your support requests excess the amount of requests in chosen support package, we will charge 85 € / support request. We will send you a report of your usage of GispoHelp in every 6 months.
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