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You are invited to participate in a FREE career success training program. This program, which generally costs $99.00 or more, is offered FREE as part of a research study to measure the effectiveness of a specific training program in preparing students and professionals to find and land a good job. More importantly, the information and advice you will receive is priceless in preparing you for a future career.

Training will start as early as September 2017 and continue throughout the fall and into the winter until the desired number of participants has been reached. Participants will be selected to participate in one of 4 programs: (1) a 4-hour workshop (2) receipt of a FREE book containing the same information as the workshop (3) receipt of a FREE E-Book containing the same information as the workshop (4) Nothing (this is a control group) - we want to measure what individuals who don't receive the training experience in their job search.
(If you are selected for the control group, we will provide you with either the free workshop or the free e-book after the initial research is completed).

To qualify, you will need to complete a pre-training survey conducted online, plus similar follow-up surveys immediately after the training, and every month for 4 months, or until you find your desired job..

You can qualify to participate if:
* You are currently looking for a new job
* You plan to start looking for a new job within the next 6 months
* You are enrolled in college or a trade school

There is NO cost, NO obligation, and you will NOT be asked to buy anything. You WILL have the opportunity to jumpstart your career by receiving valuable training that will help you find and land your dream job.

Please pre-register now so we can inform you when the study will start:

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