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Minneapolis Public School Families For Equity
We the undersigned parents, guardians, community members and educators oppose the proposed Comprehensive District Design (CDD) We are dedicated to equity for Minneapolis Public School students and believe all students deserve a stable and diverse learning environment.

The State of Minnesota's per pupil funding for Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) has decreased over $3,000 per student from 2003 to 2019. The decrease in State educational funding along with the proliferation of charter schools and a decline in student enrollment in MPS has lead to the current MPS Comprehensive District Design process.

The CDD claims to be about eliminating the racial achievement gap in MPS. Eliminating the achievement gap between students of color and white students is a priority we should all take seriously. That being said, the CDD will only end up doing the following to a contradictory effect:

1) Create instability for the entire MPS student population. The districts proposal would require 60% of the entire student population to change schools. That means over 21,000 students would have to change schools. This is bad for learning, this is bad for families, this is bad for Minneapolis.

2) The CDD and the Elimination of K-8 in MPS is a racist policy. Contrary to the districts stated goal to create more equity for all students, the move away from K-8 will disproportionately affect students of color. 70% of the students that would be forced to change schools due to this change would be kids of color.

3) The domino effect. The move away from K-8 schools would lead to overcrowding and school closures in the future. By the districts own measures and predictions the move away from K-8 will also lead to overcrowding in some schools and significant under enrollment in others; which in turn could lead to school closures.

4) Simply reducing the number of racially identifiable schools is not the same as equity. The CDD implicitly acknowledges this - the models used in this study don’t assume any change in the math or reading proficiency of any student in the district, it is simply a redistribution of existing students. 60% of students will be impacted, with no claim of ANY educational benefit. This is a transportation cost-savings measure -- period and has zero to do with equity in the Minneapolis public schools.

We chose these schools because they are socially and developmentally appropriate environments conducive for learning. We demand the Minneapolis School Board stand in unity with us in opposing the CDD as proposed by the MPS administration.
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