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Southern California 2018-2019 Scheduling
Perspective hosts! Please fill out this google form for EACH tournament you would like to host so we can get a better idea of what type of tournament you were thinking of hosting. Thanks!
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What day would you like to host on? If you are not sure of exactly what day of the month, just select the first of that month. *
How certain are you about hosting on the date you have selected? *
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What other months are you available to host in? *
What will be the field cap? It is better to underestimate than to over estimate and be short on staffing. If you are hosting two divisions, please give the combined field cap. *
What set(s) would you be interested in hosting on? If you are interested in hosting a housewrite, please select other and specify which one. *
How many divisions will you be hosting? *
How comfortable are you with directing a tournament of that size? *
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How experienced is your statskeeper? *
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About how many experienced moderators do you have? *
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