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Request for Technical Assistance
Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP) is seeking Requests for Technical Assistance from rural housing development organizations (RHDOs), community development corporations (CDCs), community housing development organizations (CHDOs) or, local governments, and Indian tribes in particular, for participation in the Rural Capacity Building Program (RCBP). The RCBP offers technical assistance activities to three types of disadvantaged communities: rural Indian reservations, economically distressed rural communities, and locally designated community development target areas, including Promise Zones or Preferred Sustainability Status Communities).

The Rural Capacity Building Program is part of MHP's broader Strengthening Rural Communities initiative. The RCBP works to provide technical assistance, support, and training to access public and private funding and implement affordable housing or community development projects and programs that address community needs. In order to better understand your community's need, please fill out this application as the first step to receiving MHP capacity building assistance.

MHP has established specific criteria on which applications will be scored including; community demographic, targeted populations, demonstrated community need for the project, and project readiness. Preference will be given to Native communities, minority/immigrant populations, households that are low-income and/or experiencing homelessness, or other high-risk populations., and to communities that are located or serving populations in community development target areas, high risk foreclosure areas, HUD Promise Zones and/or HUD Preferred Sustainability Status Communities.

Ideal candidates would be unable or unlikely to successfully implement projects without assistance. Capacity needs may include overcoming impediments to affirmatively furthering fair housing; and/or creating capacity to become RHDOs, CDCs, or CHDOs.

Applications will be accepted until May 30, 2018 and evaluated based on MHP's current capacity building priorities.Within 30 days of receiving the application and any accompanying documents, MHP will complete its review, determine MHP's level of investment and contact the applicant. If selected, MHP will enter into written memorandum of understanding outlining both MHP's and the applicant's responsibilities and contributions.

For more information on the Rural Capacity Building Program, please check out our website at

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Before you begin - please respond to the questions below.
Applicant organizations need to be located in a rural area. If your answer to either question is no, then please continue with completing and submitting your application. If the answer to both questions is yes, then your organization does not meet the requirement as a "rural" entity and is not eligible for assistance under this program.
Is your organization's office located inside an Urbanized Area? *
You can find that information at this link:
If you answered "yes" to the question above then, do any of the cities or towns in that Urbanized Area contain populations more than 50,000 (as of 2010 census) *
For example: the City of Mankato MN is located in an Urbanized Area, however each of three of the towns that make up the UA have less than 50,000 in population.
Part 1 - Organizational Information
Point of Contact: Name (Last, First) *
Smith, Jane
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Point of Contact: Title
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Point of Contact: Phone Number *
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Organization Name *
Happyville Economic Development Authority
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Type of Company *
Non-Profit, Corporation, Government, Sole-Proprietorship
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Street Address *
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City *
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State *
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Zip *
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Tax ID Number *
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DUNS Number *
In order to receive financial assistance through MHP, an organization must obtain a DUNs number and be registered at prior to the award. For more information on how to obtain a DUN, please go to
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Has the organization or does the organization intend to submit an application directly to HUD/USDA for technical assistance funds? *
Before you go to the next's how to edit your application.
Once the you have filled in the required fields (those with a red asterisk), please continue to the END of the application. Submit the application and on the next screen you will be provided with a link labelled "Edit your response". Click on the link and bookmark that page. By selecting the bookmark, you will be able to return to your application to make additions or changes until May 31, 2018.
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