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Requests for Funding for WITESOL Regional Professional Development Events
Wisconsin TESOL (WITESOL) welcomes requests for regional mini-workshops, mini-conferences, or other professional development (PD) events organized by WITESOL members to provide PD opportunities for teachers, administrators, other staff who work with English learners (ELs) and their families. Individuals or local teams of WITESOL members may develop proposals for these events using the following guidelines.


WITESOL will support funding for a regional workshop, mini-conference, or other PD activity (Please note that we only have up to $900 total for any calendar year split between multiple events). These amounts are subject to approval from a committee of the WITESOL Board and the availability of funds from WITESOL. The purpose of this funding is to support efforts by WITESOL members to provide smaller PD opportunities at the regional level in Wisconsin outside of the annual conference.


Those who submit proposals must be members of WITESOL. Individual WITESOL members or local teams of members are eligible to submit a proposal for funding.


1. Focus of Proposal: Proposals must focus on providing (PD) to improve the instruction of ELs and/or the capacity of staff or families to advance the learning of ELs.

2. Intended Audience: The intended audience for the proposed PD should be a specific region, school district, or CESA (Cooperative Educational Service Agency) district in Wisconsin. PD events must take place in Wisconsin.

3. Event date: The PD event should not be scheduled for the month before or the month of the annual WITESOL conference (not October or November). See WITESOL website ( for the date of the conference.

4. Please complete the following form and provide as much detail as possible.

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