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Merry Gothmass
Thank you for your interest in 101 Shopping Events, we aim for a low cost experience for our customers to enjoy shopping without breaking their bank.

Must read all info and fill out form

Group invites and boxes will only be provided once Fees have been payed
By the 1st of December.

Vendor Fee: L $ 500 with 50 prims - and Hide 1L Mandatory hunt item in your booth

Hunt prims will be provided, must set the items for 1L and keep available for the duration of the hunt.

Designers do not have to have an exclusive for the 101L item for the event, but it must be in the goth/dark type theme to go with the event

A logo/Tag will be provided letting customers know that the item is the one for 101L


- Hide 1L Mandatory hunt item in your booth using the hunt prim provided

-You CAN sell other items that are not 101 lindens, as long as you have one item set for 101L for the themed event.

-It is mandatory to join the Designer/blogger Group to be notified and able to rez on the land, and send out blogger packs

- You are allowed 1 gacha in your space, make sure gacha has no sounds

- No floating text, spammers, auto group inviters, local text posters

- Please abide by TOS copyrighted items will be returned.

- Must contact pinkchampagnes resident with a notecard letting me know you will be late, if you feel you cannot be ready on time, its best to not apply.

- Blogger packs are to be placed in the blogger skybox set for 0L to keep up with who is blogging

- Designers found buying blogger packs will be kicked from events
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Store Slurl
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Do you agree to include 1L hunt item in your booth
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Do you agree to follow the rules?
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