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TEDxCU 2020 Executive Committee Application
TEDxCU is a student organized and led event, under the supervision to TEDxCU license holder and faculty advisor, Jeff Motter. TEDxCU 2020 will be on Saturday, April 18th.

If you will be a Junior or Senior in Fall 2020, you are eligible to apply for the executive committee. All undergraduate majors at the University of Colorado Boulder are encouraged to apply! Freshman and sophomores are encouraged to apply for committee and volunteer positions. That application will be available the first week of classes in Fall 2020.

Applications for the TEDxCU 2020 Executive Committee will close Monday, April 15th at noon. Questions? E-mail TEDxCU 2020 Lead Organizer Katie Gray at

Also, we strongly encourage you to attend TEDxCU 2019 on April 5th from 6-9pm. Get your free student ticket at

Job Descriptions

Director of Design & Assistant Director of Design:
The Director of Design is responsible for the creation of all materials for TEDxCU. This person must be a gifted graphic designer capable of creating materials for the promotion of TEDxCU, speaker applications, and the event itself. In addition to marketing materials, the Director of Design is also the webmaster for, responsible for designing a logo for the event, in addition to designing t-shirts and programs for the event itself. This person will work very closely with the Director of Marketing and must be proficient in Adobe design products. The Assistant Director of Design assists the Director with all responsibilities listed above.

Director of Finance:
The Director of Finance will be responsible for a range of project budget development, management functions, and accounting responsibilities. The Director of FInance will work closely with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) to identify on-campus funding sources, develop budgets with each director, and submit those budgets to CSI. They will carry out and record relevant financial transactions as well as coordinate the financial coding of these transactions with the Lead Organizer and CSI. They will also be responsible for maintaining ledgers as well as budgeting/forecasting functions and audit related routines. The Director of Finance will have signatory privileges on the TEDxCU account, as does the Lead Organizer.

Director of Marketing & Assistant Director of Marketing:
The Director of Marketing is responsible to coordinate all marketing for TEDxCU. This includes developing and finding marketing channels, developing materials for those channels, getting in contact with local media sources, ordering t-shirts and other promotional items, and ensuring that all tickets are sold. The Director of Marketing is responsible for creating a social media and marketing strategy, implementing that strategy, and determining the best platforms for paid advertising. This person must be able to work with the Director of Design to create marketing materials. A background in social media analytics and graphic design a plus. The Assistant Director of Marketing assists the Director with all responsibilities listed above.

Director of Media
The Director of Media is responsible for creating and producing video content that will be used to promote TEDxCU. In addition, the Director of Media will also be responsible for storyboarding and producing an introductory video, based on the event theme, to be shown at our TEDxCU event. This person must be proficient in videography and video editing.

Director of Operations & Assistant Director of Operations:
As the Director of Operations, your job is to oversee all aspects of operations. From organizing speaker events to managing everything related to the set-up and take-down of the event itself. This means that you need to coordinate with the venue’s lighting, sound, and set-up crews, in addition to working with videographers about expectations and logistics. The Director of Operations is also responsible for working with our event volunteers to create a TEDx environment where audience members feel welcome and inspired. Volunteers should be informed and understand what their jobs will be for the event. Director of Operations is responsible for every aspect of event logistics. The Director of Operations works very closely with the Director of Programming. Experience with event organizing a plus. The Assistant Director of Operations assists the Director with the responsibilities listed above.

Director of Partnerships & Assistant Director of Partnerships:
The Director of Partnerships will be responsible for a range of projects that focus on cultivating new and managing past partnerships. The Director will manage the Assistant Director of Partnerships and the Partnerships Committee, assigning tasks and helping with projects. More specifically, the Director of Partnerships is responsible for raising $20,000 in cash and in-kind donations from corporate and community sponsors. The Director of Partnerships is also responsible for creating the partnerships packet that will be used to solicit funds and in-kind contributions, including sponsorships levels and working with each partner to maximize their brand visibility.

Director of Programming & Assistant Director of Programming:
The Director of Programming is in charge of all things related to selecting and coaching speakers. The Director of Programming is responsible for reviewing speaker applications, selecting and interviewing finalists, and working with speakers throughout the process. They work with the Director of Operations to organize the speaker events. The Director of Programming must work with the speaker committee to guide the speakers through the process of writing their speech, making sure they are on track, and providing general support. They should be well organized and eager to help others live their dream of delivering a great TED Talk! The Assistant Director of Programming assists the Director with all responsibilities listed above.

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