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雲陽寺 禪一 Yun Yang Temple 1-Day Meditation 18/01/2020
If you like to attend this course, please complete below registration form.

Note: Dress Code should be plain colour comfortable clothing for sitting meditation.

Timing 時間: 8:30AM to 5:30PM Saturday 18 January, 2020 (8:30AM--8:50AM 報到完畢, Attendance registration)

Address 地點: 雲陽寺 Yun Yang Temple 6~10 Reservoir Road, Narre Warren North, Vic 3804

Contact 聯絡: 03 9796 8079 0411 883 988 or

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I understand that during the course in the temple, I will have to obey the rules of Yun Yang Temple to maintain the peace and harmony of the Temple. I will be responsible for my own action and safety. 我知道在禪修期間我需要遵從雲陽寺的規矩 以维护雲陽寺的寧靜与和谐。我也将对自己的行为和安全负责。 *
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