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Revival Team Application
Answer the following questions to the best of your abilities. Please keep in mind that a submitted application does not guarantee a role.

Good luck!

If you're looking to apply to the Revival staff, fill out this form! Not all roles require in depth PvP experience, but all roles require dedication.

Roles and Expectations:

Staff: Interact with players in your Data Center and other DCs when possible . Advertise events, moderate discussions and mentor players. Be active in the community—take part in discussions regarding server changes. Be the "go to" person to coordinate between all staff roles from your Data Center.

Moderator: Interact with players in your Data Center and other DC's when possible. Be active in the community and moderate discussions. Work closely with staff on moderation decisions.

Advertising Staff: They will be given PF and Shout templates for events that are coming up. Advertising staff will help reach as many players as possible

Community Staff: They will work together, share best practices cross DC, be welcoming and active members of our community and plan events for our community

Adventurer in need:
Aether: Advertising Staff, Moderator
Primal: Moderator, Advertising Staff, Community Staff
Crystal: Advertising Staff, Moderator
Light: All roles
Chaos: All roles
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