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2016-17 Explorations Parent/Guardian Survey
The purpose of this survey is to give parents in the White Bear Lake School District's Explorations Program an opportunity to provide their views about Explorations.  

Please complete the survey on or before May 31, 2017.
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1. The Explorations Program has provided academic challenge for my child.
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2. The amount of homework in the Explorations Program is appropriate.
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3. My child’s areas of interest have been incorporated into his/her learning opportunities.
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4. The teacher has recognized that my child has certain learning weaknesses and has helped by child become more competent in those areas.
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5. My child feels accepted by the teacher and other students for the type of learner he/she is.
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6. My child is willing to take risks associated with engaging in challenging learning tasks.
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7. The Explorations classrooms are comfortable and welcoming.
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8. The Explorations Program encouraged creative thinking and problem solving.
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9. My child has benefited socially and emotionally from being placed with academic peers.
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10. The Explorations teachers are responsive to my questions/concerns related to the Explorations Program.
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11. Communication between school and home was valuable; teachers regularly gave and received information about classroom activities and about my child.
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12. My child has had a positive attitude about participation in the Explorations Program.
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Optional Question 1. Describe what you perceive to be the greatest benefits your child has received by being in the Explorations Program.
Optional Question 2. Describe any problems your child experienced because he/she was eligible for the Explorations Program.
Optional Question 3. Describe any changes you would like to suggest regarding the classroom services that are available to provide challenging learning experiences for your child.
Optional Question 4. Describe any way in which you would be willing to assist your child’s teachers or school in meeting the goal of providing learning opportunities for your child.
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