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Driver Info for the Nov 6th General Election
If you are offering to drive people to the polls for the General Election please fill out & submit this form. Thank you!
Do you have Auto Liability Insurance? (Must have to participate). *
Drivers full Name *
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Drive's Cell # (Must be able to make calls & send texts) *
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Driver's Email: *
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Can you help drive during Early Voting 10/22/18 - 11/2/18? *
Can you help drive on November 6th, Election day? *
Please tell us your preferred areas, city, or polling locations you are willing to drive to. For a complete list of all polling places, go to (OR, If you are willing to drive to any poll in Denton County please indicate that). *
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Please tell us your Driving availability. *
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Special note for UNT Students: The Wesley Foundation will be a polling place on Nov 6th only. Although we still encourage early voting, If they live in precincts 4045 or 4004 they may vote there on Nov 6th. Please help them confirm their polling place on before you make your voting plan. If you have questions, please call the Denton Elections Office at: 940-349-3200. Do you understand this information? *
In case we do not need you to drive someone, are you willing to help in other ways the same day you are available to drive?
Please choose from one of the following actions to help with during the time you have designated to drive. If you get a call to drive that will take priority. You can choose to go back to the *
Do you agree? I am aware that I'm helping at my own risk & I will not hold Denton Vote Group members or participants Liable for anything. *
Please indicate here if you are bilingual & if you are willing to serve as a translator via phone.
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Any other additional comments or details we should be aware of.
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I agree to text my coordinator before picking up & after drop off to confirm a safe completion. *
For Coordinator only: Driver has confirmed Rider Pick up
For Coordinator only: Driver has confirmed Drop off & Completion
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