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VCC Training Survey
It is the intention of your Training Director to establish what you are enjoying and what you want to see added or changed in the Clubs training offerings. Please complete the survey below and press the Submit button at the bottom of the survey.

Your feedback is necessary so we can design new sessions and improve old ones. The end goal is to add additional instructors and increase the variety. It will also be important to look closely at existing session content to make improvements. Your suggestions and comments can remain anonymous and are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your input
Rick Weatherhead
Training Director

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What course(s) or group(s) are you currently attending?
What group do you enjoy the most from your choices above and why?
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What additions or changes do you suggest to your existing sessions?
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What additional topics for group training would you like?
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Do you have a up-to-date laptop that you could bring to use at your class?
This would be a laptop running Windows 7 or 10.
Do you prefer using desktop programs or on-line programs?
Your preference is not exclusive of the other choice. Desktop programs are installed on the computer, like Live Mail for email, Picasa for photo management, and Microsoft Office 2010. On-line programs, like Gmail or Office Online are accessed with a browser, and are not installed on the computer.
Would you take an "All Google" course, or an "All Microsoft" course
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