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Shelterluv Community Programs / Field Services Account Activation
Thanks for choosing Shelterluv to track your Community Programs with our Field Services module!

Submitting this form is a commitment to using Shelterluv for free to track your Community Programs, so if you are still in the decision-making process, please explore a free trial account instead (

After you complete this form, we will set up your account and get the onboarding process started.

This form is just to get started using our Community Programs Tracking and not the entire Shelterluv program. If you would like to get started using all of Shelterluv's features (including intake/outcome, medical features, foster management, adoptions, etc.) please use this activation form:

Please note that once your real account is activated, your trial account will be deactivated. Animal/people records and configurations from the free trial will not be retained.
Organization Name *
Type it exactly as you would like it displayed in Shelterluv and on all your documents
Country *
State / Province *
Website Address *
If you don't have a website, please provide a link to your organization Facebook page or another organizational link.
Your Shelterluv Prefix
Every organization in Shelterluv is assigned a 3- or 4-letter prefix (like an airport code) that will be at the beginning of your usernames, animal ID numbers, and person ID numbers. EXAMPLES: APA, BFAS, SNP.

Try to avoid generic prefixes or common acronyms such as CATS, PAWS, SPCA, anything ending in HS (Humane Society), AR (Animal Rescue), etc. because they will likely be taken already.

Tips to make it more unique (and therefore available):
1) Shorten your organization name as a prefix (for example, "Tuscaloosa" can be TUSC)
2) Include your state's 2-letter abbreviation (TX, FL, etc.)

NOTE: Your account prefix can never be changed so please choose carefully.
Preferred Prefix *
3 or 4 letters only, no numbers.
2nd Choice Prefix *
In case your preferred prefix is already taken, please provide a second choice. This MUST be different from your preferred prefix above.
3rd Choice Prefix *
In case your second choice prefix is already taken, please provide a third choice. This MUST be different from your two other choices above.
Anticipated # of User Accounts *
How many team members will be getting access to Shelterluv's Community Programs / Field Services Tracking? Again, this is for us to anticipate processing needs system-wide.
Signatory - Full Name *
This is the person who will sign the agreement and set up details.
Signatory - Email Address *
Signatory - Phone Number *
Please provide a direct line or extension where you can be easily reached if anything comes up with your account.
Is the first user the same as the signatory? *
The first user is the person who will lead the set up of Shelterluv.
First User - Full Name
If you answered No to the answer above, please add your first user information here.
First User - Email Address
How did you hear about Shelterluv and why did you choose us for your Community Programs / Field Services tracking? *
We'd love to know!
Which data system are you currently using? *
We're honored to support your work!
You will now receive an email from with your next steps for a live account.

Thanks for all you do.
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