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Pad Project Partnership Survey
Please answer the following questions to help us understand you, your work, your goals, and why you want to receive a pad machine. We hope to get a sense of the model you would use to ensure a machine's successful implementation in your community.

We highly encourage you to complete the survey to the best of your ability and respond to our team with any questions you might have. We do not insist that any organization answer every question or have the ability to fulfill all of the requirements listed below. However, the more we understand the needs of your community, the better our ability will be to form a productive partnership.

In order to promote a holistic model of intervention, we encourage potential partners to consider implementing a Menstrual Health Management (MHM) awareness and education program alongside installing a pad machine in a region where girls discontinue their education due to a lack of access to menstrual hygiene products. We also seek to create a micro-economy for women to start their own businesses and become self-sufficient. Overall, our goal is to partner with communities that can achieve full local ownership of their pad machine, concurrent educational efforts, and the micro-economy the machine produces.

Your organization may be regional, national, or international, as well as any of the following:
- An NGO
- A Self-Help Group
- A social enterprise
- A corporate social responsibility (CSR) entity
- Any entity with a desire to install a pad machine somewhere in the world, wherever the need arises.

Thank you for your interest in working with us! Please direct any questions about the survey or partnerships to
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Where are you located? Please be specific (country, municipality/province, village or community name if applicable). *
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Are you part of a local organization (non-profit, school, religious/faith group, local government body, etc.) that the Pad Project could partner with in your community?
If you answered "yes" to the previous question, what is the name of the organization?
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Approximately how many people does your organization serve?
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How many people does your organization employ?
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Has your organization obtained a legal status (LLC or nonprofit ) OR will you be able to in the near future?
How long has your organization had a local presence in the region where you hope to work?
How does your organization's current work involve menstrual health, girls' education, or issues related to WASH? If it does not involve these topics, please write "N/A"
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Please describe your organization's existing partnerships, both local and international, which relate to menstruation or the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector.
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Does your organizational staff receive any type of documented education or training regarding menstruation? If yes, please describe.
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Why does your community (or the community in which you are working) need a pad machine?
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How can a pad machine support the local livelihood of women in the region where the machine will be placed?
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What are potential challenges your community might face in installing a machine? What might go wrong, and how might you address it?
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How do you plan to elicit community feedback about the installation of the pad machine and inform local residents about the installation process?
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Do you believe this plan is sustainable in this community long-term? If so, why?
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Does the community where the machine will be placed have reliable access to electricity?
Does the community where the machine will be placed have reliable access to running water?
What forms of waste disposal are available in the community?
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Will you be able to provide the Pad Project with a detailed cost breakdown which outlines all training, administrative, logistical, equipment-related, and audit costs associated with the installation of a machine?
What type of monitoring and evaluation criteria will your organization use to measure the success of installing a Pad Machine and its impact on the local community or the region? Note: “Success” can be measured in terms of effect on educational enrollment or attainment, positive shifts in local gender dynamics, expanded access to menstrual health products, or increased wages and enhanced economic livelihood for local women, among other indicators.
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Does your organization have a documented history of financial transactions in the United States?
Would your organization be able to share photos and videos with us on a need-to-know basis, as well as provide access to The Pad Project staff?
Please describe any awards and/or recognition your organization or project has received on a regional, national and international scale.
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