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Hall of Cultures & Fashion Show Sign up
Hardy Culture Fest is a time for us to share, educate and celebrate the diversity of all cultures in our community. This time the theme is "SCHOOLS AROUND THE WORLD." We are looking for student and/or parent volunteers to display information in our "Hall of Cultures" (the gym).

IMPORTANT: ** No Food in the Gym**

Here just a few pointers/ ideas for your display:
- How long is a school day in your country/ nation?
- What does a typical lunch look like?
- Do children receive a special treat at the first day/ last day of school?
- What celebrations take place at/ in school?
- What does a school building look like? How do kids get to school?
- Do children use the same alphabet?

Please keep in mind that the audience are mostly elementary school-aged children and visual and/ or interactive displays work best.

The date for this event is SATURDAY MARCH 21, 2018 2-5PM -
SET UP for the tables is on FRIDAY MARCH 20 from 6-8pm.

Deadline to apply for tables/ displays: MARCH 14
IMPORTANT: ** No Food in the Gym**

FASHION SHOW: If you are interested in participating in the fashion show, then please fill out the form as well! Thank you.
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Will you participate in the fashion show? Adults as well as children are welcome to participate! *
If yes, for the fashion show: How many people will participate? What is the name of the clothing? Please also provide a short description, e.g. when is clothing worn? on what occasion? etc *
Do you plan to have a craft at your table and if so would you consider having the craft in our "craft-room" . -- Note: You can absolutely have a quick craft/ (or something interactive) at your table, but keep in mind that crafts can inhibit the flow, hence we are hoping to outsource more time consuming crafts.
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If yes, for CRAFT ROOM: what is your preferred time slot?
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