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Parents Feedback Form for "Review of Syllabus"
Feedback on "Review of Syllabus"
1) Name of the Parent giving feedback *
2) Name of the Daughter/Son *
3) Contact Number of Parents' *
4) MBA Batch of the Son/Daughter *
5) How do you rate the program that your Son/Daughter is undergoing/undergone in terms of the rigour of MBA program *
6) How do you rate the quality and relevance of the courses included into the semester? *
7) How do you rate the courses in terms of their relevance to the latest technologies or future technologies? *
8) How do you rate the programs based on the content of syllabus and its capability in order to get placement *
9) How do you rate the academic outcomes that your Son/Daughter has achieved from the courses *
10) How do you rate the capability of contents of MBA Program syllabus in order to make the student entrepreneur *
11) How do you rate the SPPU curriculum in developing the interest for learning among students *
12) Please give your opinion on development of professional skills amongst students through syllabus.
13) Your Comments/Remarks/Suggestions if any
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