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Digital Leadership & Learning Walkthrough Form
Subject and/or Grade
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Learning Targets
Standard Alignment
What are learners doing?
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What is the teacher doing?
(direct instruction, modeling, monitoring, facilitation)
Do the students know how their learning aligns to or how it can be applied to a real-world context?
Do they know why they are learning what they are and how they will use it?
Level of questioning
(Rigor Relevance Framework – creating, evaluating, analyzing, applying, understanding, remembering)
Rigor Relevance Framework
Rigor Relevance Quad alignment
Is there an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning at some point?
Device Use (Passive or Active learning)
Passive (note taking, digital worksheet, consuming content) vs. Active (creating, applying, collaborating, synthesizing, etc.)
Student agency (voice, choice, advocacy)
Are student empowered to own their learning (blended/personalized/virtual learning options, they select tool to be used, etc.)
Use of classroom/school space (arrangement, furniture, choice, flexibility, comfort, lighting, temperature, mobility, acoustics, etc.)
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Are desks in rows or arranged in a way to foster collaboration?
Is there flexible/comfortable seating options?
Does the room offer an appropriate level of stimulation?
Would you want to learn in this classroom?
Other observations or feedback
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