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Suggestions for BIME 591 Precision Medicine & Informatics (SPR 2017)
I (Wayne Liang) will be leading a seminar on Precision Medicine & Informatics during Spring 2017. Here's my working concept for the class: We will first discuss what is "precision medicine" and how it differs from traditional medical practice; then we will explore how informatics fits in. Along the way we may discuss how clinicians think, how treatment decision-making happens in the real world, and what precision medicine means for the future of healthcare.

The seminar is scheduled for Wednesdays, 1-1:50pm, in SOCC 308 (right before BIME 534 Biology & Informatics, same classroom), SLN 11085 (CONFIRMED). My plans are no/minimal outside work/reading, interactive class time, no prior technical skills required.

I am interested in what you would like to learn about during this seminar. Please provide your input and I'll see what I can do! This is an anonymous survey, but you can choose to tell me who you are in the responses if it's relevant.

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Would you be interested in an optional field trip to visit a clinical area? This may occur outside of class time. *
Optional: Would you be interested in a class session dedicated to demos of real EMRs (e.g. Cerner, OpenMRS) or other Health IT applications? *
Optional: Are there specific topics you would like covered?
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Optional: Are there specific guest speakers (at UW or elsewhere) you would like to hear from? Please provide their name, a link/reference, and reason.
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Optional: If you have any specific expertise or resources relating to this topic that you are willing to share with the class (e.g. co-lead a session), please let me know! Please include your name and email.
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